Good Doll – S5:E9

Tiffany Watson has been listening to rumors about her stepbrother’s dick in school. When she will get the chance to ask Peter Skeeter to see his hardon, Tiffany takes the chance. Cornering him within the laundry room, she requests to see the products. When Peter says no, she whips out her touchdown unclothe vagina to attempt to entice him.When Peter’s dad John Sturdy ambles by and sees his stepdaughter pawing at his stepson, he separates the 2 youngsters. John is aware of he has to self-discipline his stepdaughter. He pulls her cut-offs right down to spank her backside, however as soon as Tiffany figures out that they each just like the spankings. Urging Tiffany to her knees, John pulls out his onerous dick for Tiffany to suck so she will care for her stepdaddy. Peter is not blessed about it, however John insists that his stepson observe him fuck his stepsister as penalty for his half in her unhealthy conduct.Leaning Tiffany over the washer, John takes his stepdaughter from behind to the tune of her delighted groans. Then Tiffany leaps on the washer, which places her at simply the proper top to take a wild vagina pounding from her stepparent. Rising to her ft, Tiffany groans with delight as John fucks her whereas they each arise. As soon as Tiffany has been well-satisfied, John tells her to get down on her knees and suck him off till he cums on her tits. Having taken her penalty like a great woman, Tiffany finds herself as soon as once more in her stepparent’s good graces.

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